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10 Creative DIY Projects Using PU Leather for Home Decor

by Reginald

Creativity has no boundaries, it can easily pave the ways to find innumerable ways to try on new materials. A creative mind always searches for unique material to get their hands on and produce some creatively amazing stuff. Do you still think that pu leather means only handbags, wallets, or shoes? No, buddy, you are wrong here. Here you will learn ten creative DIY projects using PU leather for decoring homes.

Leather Coasters

A unique and stylish use of PU leather is in manufacturing coasters for your coffee or tea table. You need only a minimal supply of material, including PU leather, a cutter of your choice, a ruler, cork sheets, and glue. For this, you need to draw the shape of your desired choice out of leather. After cutting the leather, glue it with a cork backing, and your coasters are ready to use!

Leather Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are always essential and practical to use, you can make them customized by using PU leather as the raw material and a sewing machine with some threads. To make the leather storage basket cut the leather into rectangles and sew the sides together to create a box shape. For convenience, you can add handles to your basket too.

Leather Wall Art

How about creating a wall art all made of PU leather which can give a texture to your wall? You will require a leather piece, a canvas, and some glue. Cut the PU in different shapes of your choice, it is always ideal to create a pattern of what you are doing before cutting the PU leather in the desired shapes. Glue the cutouts on the canvas and get the most creative leather wall art for your home.

Leather Cushion Covers

Cushions can add glamor and statement to your home by adding luxury to your living style. To create leather cushion covers, you will need leather, a cushion insert, and a sewing machine with suitable threads to sew the leather pieces together to form a leather cushion cover. You can also add a zipper for that extra convenience.

Leather Placemats

Give your dining table a nice and warm addition using placemats made of PU leather. Cut the required size of placemats and add some decorative material around the borders of the cutting to make it unique.

Leather Plant Hangers

What a fantastic idea to make your pant hangers out of leather. You can make leather strips and weave them using the exact patterns of weaving any jute basket. Braiding them is also a good idea. You can glue the hanger to the sides of the plant pot, and here you go with your leather poland hanger.

Leather Drawer Pulls

DIY experts, now you can update your furniture and fixtures by adding leather drawer pulls. You can create leather strips by cutting them and using a decorative border. Make sure to use a craft knife to avoid andy zigzag cutting. Make two holes at the ends and attach them with the screws to the fixtures and furniture.

Leather Keychains

Add a personal touch to your keychain by crafting them yourself with PU leather. Cut the correct shape of the keychain and bind two to three layers of leather to get a strong keychain for you.

Leather Headboard

Luxury offers significantly modern use of a chic headboard to your bedroom. You can make your headboard using PU leather, a foam pad, plywood boars, and a stapler. Cut the leather of the same size as a headboard and wrap it around the foam pad, you can now staple the board and attach it to your bedframe.

Leather Wall Clock

Classic arts and crafts lovers can add a unique touch to make a wall clock out of leather. You will need a clock mechanism, glue, and a number stencil. Cut the numbers out of leather using a stencil, and glue them to another piece of leather with a clock mechanism.

You get amazing DIY using PU leather, get your game strong, and decorate your home with these creations.

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