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Top 8 Iconic Ram Jerseys Brand of All Time

by Reginald

For football and general sports fans, jersey uniforms represent a special connection to their team. Many fans spend a lot of money to get these jerseys, which significantly support their teams and players. Some jerseys, however, are of legendary status, with legendary players who have shown extraordinary performance on the field.

The Rams team has seen glorious days with some fantastic players as with other football teams. They have several iconic ram jerseys and will remain so in the future. The jerseys’ popularity has ensured ram jersey brand sales are at an all-time high, even years later, with different players.

Notable Legendary Rams Jerseys Brand

Below are some of the best Rams team jerseys in history.

1. Eric Dickerson, Number 29

Eric played for the LA Rams in 1984 and still reigns in the Hall of Fame. Although they did not make it to the Super Bowl then, he broke many records in the league, coming out on top of all the other players. He was only playing a second season and solidified himself as a kingpin.

2. Deacon Jones, Number 75

He is one of the most prominent defense players to many football fans. He played for the team for ten years and wore the same jersey for all those years. Deacon had a 14-year career in the NFL and has a defenders award named after him.

3. Torry Holt, Number 81

Although Torry played with two ram jerseys brand during his career, his best years and seasons were in the Number 81 uniform. He performed well until his best year in 2003 while playing for the Rams.

4. Jack Youngblood, Number 85

Jack played over 200 games for the Rams team but spent over 30 years in the overall industry. He was put in the hall of fame towards the end of his career, where he played his most iconic games. Youngblood played alongside Deacon Jones.

5. Steven Jackson, Number 39

Jackson is among the most iconic black players and played nine seasons in the Number 39 Ram jersey. He had the highest score and best year in 2006, where he did very high numbers.

6. Kurt Warner, Number 13

Kurt served as a quarterback for the team in the Number 13 Ram jersey until 2001, when they went to the Super Bowl. He had several good moments but stood out in the last two seasons with St Louis.

7. Isaac Bruce, Number 80

Initially, Isaac wore the number 88 ram jersey brand with some bad seasons for two years. He made some history in the Number 80 jersey before he retired.

8. Marshal Faulk, Number 28

Marshal had a 12-year-long career, 7 of which he spent playing for the St Louis Rams. He had fantastic scores during all those years, earning him some high stats on the team.


As much as each ram jersey number represents the team’s history, these iconic ones offer something more profound and legendary. Their iconic status has remained even after decades, and they are a must-have for a Rams Team football fan.

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